River is the alley of transportation and communication which is very important especially during the Neolithic Time in Malaysia. Mankind which survive around the corner had made the position nearby river as their homes because food resources and water resources can be found easily. There were still human beings lived in the cave to protect themselves from enemies and wild animals. A cave will exist through the broken of rocks at mountains and next to be a hole. It is maybe not much difference for them because mountains are like a water tanker that gives water sources.
Due to the effect of technology development, human had changed the surroundings of river to tourism center, hidroelectric generator, mineral quarried, and others. This may varied
the functions of river and progress mankind's level undirectly. Outcome of tourism at river and nearby it has established new oppurtunities of occupation besides given advantages to kingdom by getting exchanges of foreign notes when foreign tourists visiting our country.
Apart from these, the useful of hidroelectric generator enables to keep clean water sources to be used by Malaysians especially when the progress of occupants getting more obvious rather than having electric energy. Malaysia is predicted to has owned for about 60 dams for examples are Timah-Tasoh's dam in Perlis, Temenggor's dam in Perak, Batang Ai's dam in Sarawak, and Klang Gates' dam in Kuala Lumpur.
Due to the discovery of Mother Nature, many mineral sources be found. Tin ore has became main mineral sources that attract colonialist such as British to conquer the Malay's land, due to the Revolution Industry happening at their country, made tin ore has a high require. It is also no bad with gold because this mineral can easily melted and shaped that made it very expensive besides have a great celebration especially among women.
Apart from Malaysia, there are also countries that very required river such as Thailand and Canada. Thailand also reknown as 'Venice of East' due to have many canals for examples Me Wang, Me Nam, Me Ping, Me Yom and Menom Chao Phraya as long as 1290 km. Menom Chao Phraya in Bangkok becomes main river because many facilities built there such as transportation for visitors, floating things, alley to carrying wooden trees to factories and drifting markets which attract visitors. They also have some hidroelectric generators such as Bhumibol's dam, Sirikat's dam and Phitsanulok's dam.
While Canada which located at the west of world, has the longest lake in the world with a distance as long 3760 kilometer. Water alley of St. Lawrence's big lake connecting to St. Lawrence's river with Ontario's lake to Erie's lake, Haron's lake, Michigan's lake and Superior's lake. Methods of transportation on water are carrying large quantity of things, connecting the Atlantic Ocean with large land, and the progress of of cities in Quebec, Montreal, Halifax, and St. John, hidroelectric generator, industrial sector and water sources. Unfortunately the alley around big lakes only functioning on May to November but this problem can be overcame by building canals and doors such as Welland's canal.
As conclusion, river is can gives us many benefits to human that must be taken care of to ensure the advantages can continued by many generations in the future.