Ripin - gutted/anoyed/disappointed
Wats the craic? - wats up?
Ejit - idiot
Dead on - nice/great (used 2 describe people) or used in sarcastic ways.
Aye - yea/sarcasm "ayeee you are" means no ur not
Does my head in - anoyin/ drives you mad
Catch yourself on - wise up
ktc (kill the craic) - kill-joy
Boggin - messy/ a really ugly person
Craic - Fun
Wee - little (we tend to use wee infront of every word e.g "a wee sandwich/a wee cup of tea")
Are yoy away? - are you going?
Showed - embarased
Guddies - Trainers
Wile - really
What about ye? - how are you?
Is that you? - are you finished?
Wee buns - easy
Laaard - boy e.g "wee laard"
Ye - you
Sound - a way of describing someone in a good way "shes sound"