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    I should give a brief statement of main points of it.

    I will graduate from college next year. I am majoring in civil engineering.

    So I have decided to find myself a part-time job to get some experience in my field.

    I have been looking for quite a while recently, but I haven't made much progress toward finding a job I like.

    I have listed my name at a few employment agencies. They have given me information about several positions; but most of them are full-time jobs, so I am not interested in any of them.

    Last month, I filled out an application from for a company. I got a phone call from them a week later. They asked me to go there and have an interview with the boss.

    On the day of the appointment, I was really anxious. Have you ever had job interview? You get so anxious that you might lose your confidence. That day, I woke up very early, took a shower and shaved. I put on my best suit and tried to look really professional.

    I arrived at the office on time but had to wait for a while. When I finally had my interview with the boss, I realized the working hours the company offered would interfere with my class hours at the university. So I am back to looking for a job again!

    Today, however, I had another phone call from another company. The secretary has set an appointment for me with the president on Wednesday. This time I won't be so anxious because I am more experienced in job interviews. The job they offer seems very good, and I am confident I can take it. I've had enough of looking for a job, and it's about time to find one.

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    Re: I should give a brief statement of main points of it.

    Please do not post the same thread twice. Thank you.

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