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Thread: Candies, Candy

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    Candies, Candy

    Hello everyone,

    When is it appropriate to use the plural form of candy?

    I've never heard candies before, until I came to China. I've had people using candies a lot.

    For instance, suppose it's raining outside and you're selling candy.

    I would say:

    I'd better get inside, the candy will get wet.

    Rather than:

    I'd better go inside, my candies will get wet.

    Can both forms be used?

    If so, are they both colloquial?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Candies, Candy

    Both are fine to use - candy is general [and could refer either to a whole stand of sweets or could be a block of chocolate or a bag of toffees], candies is specific - lots of single sweets.

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