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    Cool Too Late the Hero

    It is a Robert Aldrich's movie title, the film quite good by the way, but what is it the meaning? I think it says: "The hero comes too late" or "Too late to be the hero" Which one do you think is the meaning intended? Am I missing nuances?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Too Late the Hero

    It means that the person became a hero too late.

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    Re: Too Late the Hero

    The cavalry have gone home.
    No more John Wayne.
    No Audie Murphys any more (Audie Murphy was the most decorated soldier in WWII who then made war movies and westerns...cast as the unassuming hero).

    The movie shows a grab-bag of characters fighting as much with themselves as against the enemy.

    Don't look for heros in war, where men are called upon to kill and their most primitive responses come to the fore. Let's not glamorize it, or even any action that could be galmorized as 'heroic' .

    Every movie, every story has a hero? After your eyes have been opened to the sheer brutality and primitiveness of it all, it's too late to look for/to think in terms of 'heroes'. The last line of the movie says: "He killed 15 Japs...30 if you like."
    Just how much do you want to glamorize what we are doing, and need one man as a symbol?
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