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    gloom, glum, sullen

    Dear teachers

    Would you be kind enough to explain to me the difference between the following synonyms: gloomy, glum, sullen?

    There is a great variety of different connotations:

    a gloomy ravine, a gloomy day, a gloomy castle,
    a glum row of low grey houses,
    It was raining outside, a glum, miserable rain.
    the sullen ocean, sullen grey walls,

    Would you tell me your well-founded explanation of the following wording?

    a gloomy place, a gloomy forest, a gloomy house, a gloomy cellar,
    a glum street, a glum enfilable of rooms,
    a sullen land,a sullen tower, a sullen valley

    The hall was graceless and gloomy, and the few paper-chains did little to mitigate the effect.

    Elizabeth glanced along the street, a glum perspectiuve of silent houses and telephone poles…

    …the water was rough and suddenly everything was sullen, angry and dangerous and he could feel the pull of the old sea.. on his hull.

    a gloomy period in smb’s life, a gloomy prospects, he was bound on a gloomy errand,

    a glum drive, a glum ceremony,

    a sullen dinner, fruitless sullen search

    a gloomy year, a glum year, a sullen year,
    a gloomy visit, a glum visit, a sullen visit,


    Some gloomy hours ahd she spent in the interval.
    ..and now she felt that it would be an exceedingly gloomy round, living whith these people.
    It was a long and gloomy drive.

    The walk back in the fading sunlight to the Smith house on Beakon Street was silent and glum.
    The last night, the last kiss came; and the glum journey to the Docks in Soames’s car.

    Thank you for your efforts,


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    Re: gloom, glum, sullen

    Glum has two meanings: 1 disappointed or unhappy, and quiet; 2 If a place is glum, it is unattractive and lacks anything that causes pleasure

    Gloomy also has two meanings: 1 almost dark and difficult to see in; 2 unhappy and lacking hope

    Sullen also has more than one meaning: 1 angry and unwilling to smile or be pleasant to people; 2 gloomy or dismal, as weather or a sound; 3 Sluggish; slow


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