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    Question about past tense

    I met a movie star a year ago, but I didn't recognize him at that time.
    Now I realized.

    If he is still an active movie star, should I say:

    1. I didn't know he was a movie star at that time?


    2. I didn't know he is a movie star at that time?

    Please let me know. Thank you.

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    Re: Question about past tense

    You'll have to use the first one ("was"), even though it is not clear from that that you also know he still is a movie star. You'll have to add that bit of information.

    It is funny that you use this example. We run a bed and breakfast in Toronto, and years ago, a woman, Margaret Calame, made a reservation. When she checked in, I showed her to her room and retired to our area. My spouse came home, asked about her, I said she was nice, seemed too young to have a daughter in university here (the purpose of her visit), and then he heard her come in. He ran upstairs to greet her, and said, "I'm sorry, but you remind me of a famous movie star I've always admired."

    "Oh yes? Who?" she asked.

    "Meg Tilly," he answered.

    "I AM Meg Tilly!" she replied. And she was, travelling under her married name.

    He came back downstairs and shook me violently, saying, "Don't you KNOW who that is!!?"

    "Margaret Calame," I responded.

    "It's MEG TILLY!!" he said.

    "Who the hell is Meg Tilly?" I asked.

    Meg knows this story, and to this day, she loves me best!

    She was just here for 10 days, again, left this morning. She has even added us to her Blog ( - click on Blog). We're famous at last!! (We're the Rog and Jim in her blog)
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