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    I am taking the FCE next Friday and so, I would be very grateful if someone could help me correcting the following essay and checking if I made some grammar, language or spelling mistakes. Thank you very much!

    Your English teacher wants to show your class a video and has asked you to suggest a suitable film, which must be enjoyable for everyone and give the class some good practice in understanding English. Write your report, describing a film and saying why you have chosen it.

    This report is intended to present a film that would be suitable to be shown in class: “The Constant Gardener”. The film is stared by Ralph Finnes and Rachel Weisz, two young recognized British actors and was directed by a famous Brasilian director.
    One of the main reasons why I recommend this film is its thought-provoking plot, which analizes the problems of the capitalist model and the exclusion and poverty in Africa.
    The film was produced entirely by a team from the UK which means that, provided all the dialogues are spoken in British English, all the students will have the chance to make the most of it and pick up some new vocabulary and useful expressions, in addition to learning the pronunciation of several words.
    The storyline is agile and mantains the rhythm and the suspense until the very end, which results as unexpected as trhilling to the viewer. Therefore, everyone in the class will enjoy it as well as take advantage from it in order to improve their English skills.

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    Re: Correction

    The film is stared by - The film stars
    recognized British actors- well-known...
    entirely by a team from the UK which means that- UK, which means
    which results as unexpected- with results.. (as unexpected as thrilling- given that thrills often involve the unexpected, I am not sure this works as a phrase.)
    as well as take- taking (though 'as well as profiting from it by improving...' works better for me)

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