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Thread: Righteous

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    Which is the most righteous way ?

    . You may talk to me .
    . You may talk with me .

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    Re: Righteous

    What do you mean, what's the context? Talking in sb's direction or talking along with sb?

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    Re: Righteous

    Dear Mauricio:

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'the most righteous way'. Both examples are acceptable.
    Reading both sentences carefully, you can see that talking to someone might imply a one directional communication, whereas talking with someone might imply a conversation (a two-way communication).
    However, both can be used almost interchangeably:

    'The teacher had to talk to the class about their rowdy behavior.'
    'It was lovely talking to my family on the phone last night.'
    'The boss talked with the new employee about her habit of arriving late.'
    My best friend and I can pass hours at a time talking with each other.'

    I hope this is helpful,



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