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    Help For A Sentence

    He felt the chaotic presence of all the horse-men and fish women that man's unnatural fancy has begotten.

    What does it mean ?

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    Re: Help For A Sentence

    Without context, "he" senses the weird combinations of human/animal forms that the imagination can produce - such as centaurs and mermaids - as if they were physically present.

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    Re: Help For A Sentence

    Dear Volcano:

    Coincidentally, I encountered your phrase in its original context. It is from The Innocence of Father Brown by G. K. Chesterton. In the passage where it appears, the suggestion has just been made that a murdered man is, in fact, not one man, but the head of one man and the body of another.
    This shocking information causes the character O'Brien to reflect on mythical creatures also made up of two parts: horse-men (centaurs) and fish-women (mermaids).

    Best wishes,


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