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    Dr Johnsons Dictionary


    I wonder if you can help me?

    I'm doing a quiz and have the following question:

    When writing his famous dictionary, what words did Dr Johnson deliberately leave out?

    I know he misses out the letter 'X', but the answer is one of the following: Swear Words, Fighting Words, Scientific Words or Rhyming Words.

    Can anyone help?


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    Re: Dr Johnsons Dictionary

    Dr. Johnson dictionary omission

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    Re: Dr Johnsons Dictionary

    Thanks, I'd tried 'missing', 'omit' and several others but not specifically 'omission'.

    So the answer is 'naughty' words! Eliciting the famous quote:

    Two ladies once complimented Dr. Johnson on his recently published Dictionary, lavishing particular praise on the apparent omission of naughty words. "What? My Dears!" Johnson exclaimed. "Then you have been looking for them?"

    Thanks again.

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