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    to a fault

    Please help me understand the following in bold in easy English.

    1. Story-telling is an art that she may want to consider studying more formally through a workshop or seminar. Being more interesting could also be accomplished by Angela leveraging her natural enthusiasm. She tends to come across as professional to a fault when presenting or speaking formally.

    2. However, Madison needs to be the one imposing the order and using her existing methodical strengths to help her along the way. Madison needs assistance developing traits that enable her to get her arms around and remain in day-to-day control of the work scope and its related parts.

    3. Others experience Ken as inconsistent and out for himself.

    Thank you.

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    Re: to a fault

    come across as professional to a fault = appear too professional or too serious.get her arms around = get control of
    out for himself = he only cares about himself (selfish, self-centered)

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