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    I can even watch shows in other languages and "go shopping" by TV. With the major national networks, the educational and cable channels _ and the extra sports, movie, science fiction and other specialty channels _ I have a choice of ....
    What is the meaning of "go shopping by TV" and why is it in quotation marks?
    What is the meaning of cable channels?

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    Re: meaning

    "Go shopping" is in quotation marks because the person can shop through their TV and phone...without the need to "go" anywhere (like a store or mall).

    They use the quotes because they want to solicit the meaning of "going shopping" but let the reader know that the meaning of the expression in this context is something different.

    Cable channels are channels that you must subscribe to in order to view on your television. For example, a movie channel like HBO is a cable channel. It is not free and in order to view it you must pay a monthly charge.

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