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    What is the meaning of "gutted" here


    the following sentence appeared in a news story about the terrorist attack on Mumbai that ended yesterday in which a couple of the terrorists are possibly from Bradford or Leeds.
    He told The Sun: "I'm hoping it is wrong. I've spoken to Muslims in Bradford and they are disgusted as well. The community as a whole is gutted by this."
    Among many meanings of "gutted" here are a few:

    tr.v. gut·ted, gut·ting, guts

    1. To remove the intestines or entrails of; eviscerate.
    2. To extract essential or major parts of: gut a manuscript.
    3. To destroy the interior of: Fire gutted the house.
    4. To reduce or destroy the effectiveness of: A stipulation added at the last minute gutted the ordinance.

    What is meant by "gutted" in the news story?

    Thank you

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    Re: What is the meaning of "gutted" here

    In this sentence:

    The community as a whole is gutted by this."

    gutted would mean turned inside out, completely opened up and everything (all emotions) pulled out

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    Re: What is the meaning of "gutted" here

    I'm not a teacher.

    Hi Olympian,

    In my humble opinion the meaning of the word in question in this instance is “”broken”, “crushed”, “mentally broken”, broken-hearted”



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    Re: What is the meaning of "gutted" here

    It's an English expression meaning 'extremely disappointed and upset', though in the same way some people only have one word for all shades of 'I liked it' - awesome - so 'gutted' can be trotted out to cover most situations of upset, when others might say 'devastated', 'shattered'.

    It would be used if, say, the Government had reneged on some promise, and those affected where bitterly disappointed, as if all their expectancy and hopes had just been 'eviscerated' - they would be 'gutted'.
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