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    Smile Christmas

    Hi everybody,

    Christmas Father in England and Santa Clause in the USA? Is it right?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Christmas

    Father Christmas in the UK / NZ
    Santa Claus in North America, yes. And there is no E in this CLAUS.

    Ash Man (Germany)
    Christkindle (Germany)
    Father Christmas (England/N.Z.)
    Hoteisho (Japan)
    Kris Kringle (Aus./Can./U.S.)
    Rauklas (Germany)
    Babbo Natale (Italy)
    Deda Mraz (Yugoslavia)
    Gaghant Baba (Armenia)
    Joulupukki (Finland)
    Mikulas (Hungary)
    Saint Nick (Aus./Can./U.S.)
    Diado Coleda (Bulgaria)
    Ganesha (India)
    Jultomten (Sweden)
    Papa Noel (Spain)
    Santa Claus (Aus./Can./U.S.)
    Bellsnickle (Old American)
    Dun Che / Lao Ren (China)
    Gwiazdor (Poland)
    Kerstman (Belgium)
    Pelznickel (Germany)
    Sinterklas (Indonesia)
    Bozicek (Slovenia)
    Dyed Moroz (Russia)
    Hagios Nikolaos (Greece)
    Kolyada (Russia)
    Pere Noel (France/Canada)
    Svaty Miklas (Czechoslovakia)

    It is not important what you call him. All that matters is that you BELIEVE!
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    Re: Christmas

    Santa Claus in the UK too.

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    Smile Re: Christmas

    Papai Noel in BR.

    word-for-word translation: Father Noel, a father who gives gifts on christmas eve.

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