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    Tutoring online ESL for money

    I want to start tutoring ESL online for money but I need help getting clients or joining up with a reputable company.

    Frankly, I want to build an income(almost full-time) being an online ESL tutor to people in the USA or overseas.

    I welcome good advice from people who are experienced in this arena to help me get started. (I am finding it a bit harder than I expected).

    I am currently working for a language training company that tutors ESL students all over the USA(and I think globally, too).

    I think an income can be made from this, but I need guidance.


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    Post Re: Tutoring online ESL for money

    hi~ I teach ESL (amongst other subjects) online. let's swap email details and help each other out
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    Re: Tutoring online ESL for money

    If you find any such information...could you please let me know?

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    Re: Tutoring online ESL for money

    I think can help you. I run the Ask John English site (ASK JOHN ENGLISH) and I plan to soon make available online rooms for teachers to teach English (and other languages) online.

    In these rooms you would be able to have your own online classroom where you could teach and chat using live video and audio chat, text chat and display a pdf or white board for the lesson content. Both student and teacher can draw on the whiteboard. This room is light and easy to use. It is not skype and requires no download for the student.

    Students would book a lesson with you at a time that you are available. You would of course be able to charge students for your lessons as well. The site already has a lot of student members who I think would be interested in being tutored.

    I am happy to arrange a demo with anyone interested. At some point soon I want to run some free classes for teachers to show them exactly how to teach online.

    If you think this might help you, please contact me.

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    Thanks, John English for the info. and thanks to the other two who responded to my post.

    I appreciate it.

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    Re: Tutoring online ESL for money

    Check out any site very carefully. Do Whois searches and find out postal addresses, name changes, and the truth behind the claims and lies that are used on the internet. I looked at one school after another poster asked ans it had no postal address, which is enough for me to walk away- it's a site involving contracting and employing but has no address to receive legal letters.

    There will be good places, but I get loads of links submitted every week from dodgy sites and do see the other side. Do you know how to do a whois search and a bit about how to find out facts that aren't on a webpage? ESL is a profession that attracts a disproportionate number of suspect owners and managers at the best of times, so given the chance to do business at enormous distance and even more able to avoid employment laws.

    A couple of years ago, there were a lot of one-man band teaching sites going up and after them came a wave of internet start-ups with big visions. A few have managed to translate those visions into profitable companies, but most pf the resty have either gone bust or rebranded or probably will soon enough, espcially as start-ups are basically comanies losing money or needing an injection of outside capital to have a chance to succeed. The current state of play in the economy means that many of these will struggle or go under. However, there are also those that will do well and attract students from bricks and mortar schools, so check them out very carefully first.

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