Is trying to please people a way to achieve success or a route to failure?

The key to success is to please others. Most people watch TV, and there are a lot of programs. All of the people who laugh should realize that trying to please others is a key to success because most of the people on TV, who please others, are successful. This point is apparent in the examples of a soccer player and an actor.
Most soccer players on TV are successful; they please the watchers with their hard work on the field. Soccer players like Ronaldinho are paid a gargantuan amount of money to play a game. Because Ronaldinho is paid for his fantastic field plays, both Ronaldinho and his fans are pleased. If he is pleased to do his job, is he not successful?
Moreover, there are a lot of Hollywood actors who give the audience a laugh and awe with their brilliant acting skills. Good actors know how to please their audiences, and they are also paid large amounts for their job. For example, Leonardo Dicaprio is a young actor who conjured the audience with his surprisingly passionate acting in the movie, "Titanic." Leonardo gained fame and money after pleasing the audience, proving that actors achieve success by pleasing others.
Conversely, there may be an objection that pleasing other people does not guarantee success. However, this objection overlooks the fact that there is no job that guides one to success without a risk. Therefore, pleasing others is the key to success.

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