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    The founder of the Body Shop

    The following sentences are about the founder of the famous cosmetic shops the Body SHop and can you please explain the red parts ?

    1. Because Anita couldn't afford to have labeld printed, she had printed them herself with the help of some friends. Her packaging couldn't have turned out better if she'd planned it that way. with the improvised packaging, her product now had the same natural, earthy image as the cosmetics themselves.

    2. ... locak funeral parlors who insisted she change the shop's name. No one, they complained, would hire a funeral director located a place called ' the Body Shop. ( why? i cannot understand. DOes the body shop have special meaning??) She stuck to her guns and the name stayed.

    3. The Body SHop sotres- the exception being that some of her Asian stores are located withing department stores.

    4. She decided early on that her shops would be a spark for change, not just in the business world, but in the world at large. ( what does it mean by the world at large?)

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    Re: The founder of the Body Shop

    Let's look at some of the idioms here, and then tell us if you understand them in context.

    couldn't have turned out better if she'd planned it that way means she didn't plan on having this packaging; she was forced by circumstances to settle for the packaging she could afford. But it worked brilliantly. It could not have turned out better for her marketing even if she could have afforded to do the most expensive.

    She stuck to her guns meant she did not back down. The image is a duel with pistols. Oftentimes, one dualist or the other would apologize and "back down" or away from the fight.

    some of her Asian stores are located within department stores references her usual practice of free-standing stores, independent store locations in a mall or on a main street. But in Asia, some of them look more like departments within a department store.

    the world at large means everywhere else, not just in the business world or business environment, but elsewhere.

    Body Shop might have caused some raised eyebrows because it sounded like her product in trade was bodies, which of course it was not. Perhaps some funeral director was upset that it sounded too much like a funeral parlour (which I seriously doubt), or that it was too macabre or gory at name.

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