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    'street' pronunciation, please help

    hi, I'll tell you something, right now I'm in England, Nottingham, studying accounting, business, etc, my English is not bad, BUT I've been to Asda today, for a pizza, but everytime I go there I am so much stressed - I just hate when the guy is asking me something, and I don't know what he is saying... and sometimes I try to overhear what people say in the streets, but I am not able to understand them properly, it is so annoying, after 10 years of learning English...

    could anyone tell me a title of a book, course, anything, that would help me to learn to understand the accent ordinary people speak with, please??

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    Smile Re: 'street' pronunciation, please help

    Do not worry, that happens to everyone!

    If you find it difficult to use UK English, this page may help you out:
    BBC Learning English | Home page

    If you find it difficult to pronounce the sounds of UK English, maybe this webpage may help out: start downloading the videos, each symbol has a video
    BBC Learning English | Pronunciation Tips

    As a learner, you should not stop listening to real English: Here are a lot of podcast you may start downloading (subscribe to those one you find more interesting, there are many subjects, use the feed readers)
    BBC - Radio - Podcasts - Directory

    How to use English in a general way:
    Learn English

    If you like listening to radio:

    As for the book: I recommend "Practical English Usage", by Michael Swan. OXFORD.

    For more details, PM me. I have a lot of interesting information I'd like to share.

    Good luck!
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    Re: 'street' pronunciation, please help

    In the meantime, say to the person serving you "I am sorry, I do not quite understand. Please repeat what you said slowly." [emphasise the slowly!] Apart from anything else, you are probably having to deal with a local accent.

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