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    Help me to correct an apologize letter

    I've found this site by google when I'm looking for some writting letter form and I'm very happy to see it. Now, I have a letter I've done in one hours ago. So, I know that I'll make many mistake about gramma and so on. Please help me to correct it.

    PS: I'm sorry I posted in an invalid room. Please help me to move it into Letter Writting

    Dear Mr.B,
    It has come to tell you the truth. Heartfelt apologies go out to you whom I had forgotten to report an important thing in my business. Before I went to onsite for that mission two months ago, you had told me that I needed report to you everything I did, everything I saw when I was there. I had written my reports for you daily after work. I had put all information about our customers what I saw, what I did in my reports while I was working at that time. But I had forgotten one thing, that was all of the things I'd done after work.
    Fortunately, I've found all of them in my diary one day ago. After a long night no sleep, I decided to put it out of my mind.
    Attach with this email is the detail report about all of the things in those days what I forgot.
    Finally, I’m really sorry for those. But I’ve learnt from all my mistakes and today I’m a better person.
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