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    Difference between the words 'please' and 'kindly'

    What is the difference between the usage of the words 'please' and 'kindly' ?

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    Re: Difference between the words 'please' and 'kindly'

    1. A person can say, "Would you please close the door?" Now, this may sound like a polite request.

    2. If the person says, "Would you please close the door?", it is usually with an irritated tone of voice, to express his annoyance in a polite manner ( as opposed to "Shut that bl**dy door!"

    3. If the person says, "Would you kindly close the door?" he is being polite, but also firm - that is, the 'polite' request is now made more strongly - the person is being 'polite' (or phrasing it 'politely', but means he 'wants it done, and he wants it done NOW.'

    4. If the persons says "Would you kindly close the door, please?" the amount of irritation has increased even further! - usually because the other person has needed to be asked a second time.


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