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    Why is it used this way?

    Why would you say 'An Hypothesis', not 'A Hypothesis'?

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    Re: Why is it used this way?

    You would only say An hypothesis if you didn't pronounce the "h". And since the "h" is there to be pronounced, not dropped, you should properly say "a hypothesis."

    For some, however, the locally preferred pronunciation of hypothesis is 'eye-pothesis" - so it would be an eye-pothesis for them.

    You only use an before vowel sounds, regardless of the letter.
    A once in a lifetime offer. ["a wunce"]
    An hour has 60 minutes. ["an our"]

    You'll see references to
    An history lesson
    but when you do, you must imagine that the speaker is really saying
    An 'istory lesson.


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