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    Question Resources to help teach listening/spelling skills?

    Hi everyone,

    I've been using the handouts here for awhile and have found them very useful with my class (18 year olds getting their English equivalency). I'm a new ESL teacher and have very little in the way of resources.

    I'm noticing though that they are having trouble with spelling unfamiliar words in listening exercises. They are not connecting the sounds of consonants and vowels with the appropriate letters.

    Are there any websites/sources/activities I could be using to practice this skill?? I have been making up all my own exercises and am starting to get exhausted!!



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    Re: Resources to help teach listening/spelling skills?

    I have a software product that might be useful for you and your students. It's called SpellQuizzer and it is designed to help students learn their spelling words. It could be used for ESL learning as well though. You create word lists using the software and make sound recordings of the words using them in sentences. The student then uses the software to be quizzed on the words. It plays back the sound recordings and the student types in the words to have their spelling checked. I don't know if this will help you or not but you can take a look at it at There are video demonstrations of the software that give a good idea of how the software works.

    At present I'm offering free licenses to teachers who contact me using an email address associated with an educational or government domain institution. You can request a free license.

    Note: I hope the moderators won't consider this post to be "unsolicited spam" since I'm posting in response to a request for assistance and I'm offering the software free.

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