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    Out of / In

    What do these mean?
    1. Six in ten people are buying a new car.
    2. Six out of ten people are buying a new car.

    3. One in ten CDs canít burn.
    4. One out of ten CDs canít burn
    5. One in ten CD canít burn. (Is 'CD' wrong without the -s?)

    For the one above, which one would I use?
    6. Is 'CD' wrong without the -s? (What's 'the' referring to?)
    7. Is 'CD' wrong without a -s?

    8. One in five apples are bad.
    9. One out of five apple are bad.
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    Re: Out of / In

    (1) 'in' and 'out of' are synonymous in that context.
    (2) CDs and apples, with -s.


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