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    Thumbs up saccharin sweet

    Sentence : when was the last time you were too saccharin sweet?

    Could you pls explain me what dose this sentence mean by.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: saccharin sweet

    Saccharine is a word meaning overly, sickeningly sweet. (It also can mean simply, 'related to sugar'.)

    Saccharin (without the 'e') is the brand name of the first artificial sweetener sold to the general public.

    The two words are easily confused.

    Your sentence: when was the last time you were too saccharin sweet?
    refers to behavior that is overly sentimental or ingratiating. It's interesting that the use of the word saccharin, intentionally or not, adds the connotation of an artificial 'sweetness', as when a person fawns over or is excessively complimentary or attentive to someone they really feel no warmth or liking for.


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