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    Is behavior countable?

    All the students' (9000) behavior is bad

    All the students' (9000) behaviors are bad

    I want to know if homework can ever be plural?
    Homework includes today, yesterday, and last year.

    They never do homeworks I give them
    They never do homework I give them

    Can violent behavior be consider wild ? Is there a better adjective?

    The wild students hit the good students

    The (better adjective) students hit the good students

    Thank you

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    Re: behavior

    It seems its your choice for behavior(s). Is there more than one disruptive behavior (insubordination, procrastination, etc.) for each child or just one (e.g. insubordination)? Use "behavior" for one or "behaviors" for more than one.

    The plural of "homework" is "homework." No "s."

    I think a better adjective for "wild" would be "unruly." "Wild" usually refers to animals or people that are acting completely insane (i.e. when on drugs and completely out of control). "Unruly" is more often used for undisciplined kids like those in your example. But, if the situation is extreme, then "wild" can be perfectly appropriate.
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