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    at the consumer end

    The following sentences are about the movie industry in India and can you please explain some part that I marked red? Thanks a lot!

    1. At the same time, things are moving quickly at the consumer end. Large- screen Imax and various multiplex cinema chains have arrived in India.

    2. The world markect has sat up and taken notice after the success of crossover films such as Bend it like Beckham and Monsoon Wedding.

    3. The fact that the wholly Indian productions have caught the eye of internationl distributors including Columbia Tristar shows that things are moving.

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    Re: at the consumer end

    at the consumer end = for consumers
    has sat up and taken notice = has begun to notice (personifying the market as if it were asleep, heard a noise, and sat up to look)
    crossover films = films that are successful in two or more cultures (crossing cultures)
    things are moving = things are happening, things are changing, things are on-the-go.

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