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    help in traslating a slang

    im loretta, im a student and im new on this forum. im working on a translation about religion for university but i got stuck, i can't find the meaning of 'song-and-dance'. is it a slang that you use for celebration? is a saying? could you please give me an example to understand it?
    thanks million
    im looking forward to hear from you.
    thank you

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    Re: help in traslating a slang

    "Song and dance" is slang for an untrue story that is meant to mislead or deceive somebody. Usually it is to excuse or justify bad behavior.
    For example, if a student never has his homework, but instead always has excuses, then the teacher can say to a colleague, "He gave me the same old song and dance."

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    Re: help in traslating a slang

    'song and dance' refers to a long explanation that is pointless or deliberately evasive.

    A second meaning, when somebody 'makes a song and dance about an issue', they are making a big deal out of, or a fuss over something that isn't very important. I guess it comes from the idea that whereas a simple "I love you" suffices in ordinary life, in a musical, it is turned into a show-stopping production number!
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    Re: help in traslating a slang


    He gave us a song and dance about not getting his paycheck so he couldn't pay us back, but we knew he was paid last week.

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    Re: help in traslating a slang

    (Incidentally lola9 isn't the first student around here who uses 'slang' as if it were countable; it's not. You're looking for information about 'a piece of slang' or 'a slang expression'. Nobody learns *'a list of slangs' (although some people seem to think they ought to )


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