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    Smile souuu

    take advantge about somebody !!!! what does it mean !!
    thanks youssef

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    Re: souuu

    "take advantage OF somebody" means either to accept their skills or offer for your benefit, or to abuse their good nature by using their skills or by using them in some other way, without their agreement.

    I don't know whether four exclamation points changes the meaning.

    "Your father offered to use his connections to get you a job. You should take advantage of him." [used in a good sense - although it would probably be said as "should take advantage of that, or of his connections, rather than simply "of him."]

    "I did everything for that woman. Paid all her bills, took her on trips, introduced her to my friends. And then she dumped me. She really took advantage of me." [used in a not so good sense]


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