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Thread: pick up

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    pick up


    I was wondering if someone could have a look for me at this phrase, "pick up". What does it mean in this context?
    I found a lot of definition for "pick up" in the dictionary, but I am still not sure which one is more suitable for this context.

    Thanks for your help.

    Professor: ... ... One well-known pair of type preferences is extraversion - introversion. Some people are extraverts and some are introverts. Extraverted people are - by nature - continuously aware of events outside of themselves. Extraverts turn outward - to the world around them - to pick up ... uh ... ideas, values, and interests. Extraverts, therefore, usually have a variety of interests and sort of take an active approach to life. ... ...

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    Re: pick up

    "Pick up" in this context seems to imply "adopt"

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