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    Here is the deal


    how would you put "here is the deal" in other words? What does it mean in a context like:

    "Here is the deal:
    I accept my mistake. I apologize for my reaction, especially since it was misinterpreted so widely to be directed at fans. I appreciate and am very grateful for the fact that people want to hear my music and the music we make with deerhunter."

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    Re: Here is the deal


    "Here is the deal: I have made a serious error in my calculations, which has made difficulties in your plans. How about I redo the calculations for nothing and you do not sue me for damages."

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    Re: Here is the deal

    If you want to show that you are being honest, you can say
    "Here is the deal." It means "I am going to tell you the real deal (facts)."

    Another possiblity is to make a deal (an agreed-upon arrangement) with another person.
    "Here is the deal: I will wash the car and you vacuum it out."

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