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    one on one

    I am not a professional teacher though I have been giving English classes for a year or so now.
    I would like some advise about how to get the best out of my one to one classes. My student is adult with an upper-intermediate level of spoken English. My student is happy with me but I am not happy with me. I feel as though I am doing too much of the talking and leading the conversation. We always try to use leading answers with our questions but I still feel as though it could be more natural and free flowing. I generally use newspaper articles as material for the classes.

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    I can give you some advise from my own experience (as a student). I think that you should know your student's interests in order to 'make the conversation flow'. You may keep on using newspaper articles, but try to make him become interested. I don't mean that every single article has to be interesting, but at least the first ones in order to make him feel comfortable, speaking about something he knows/is familiar with.


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