Throughout the semester, I had grown as an individual and became a better writer. In the beginning of the semester, I was struggling with the English grammar such as pronoun agreements, verb tense, and fragments. Writing used to be a simple process for me; I would write a paper without revision. However, English 020 taught me to use the grammar I learned in class and puts it into my writing effectively. Lastly, I learned that good writing requires much more time and effort. Therefore, I decided to choose a character essay and an Embarrassment Moment essay as an example of my improved writing skills.
I struggled atrociously in English classes due to my poor English grammar. Before English 020, I found it really hard to use proper grammars in writing. I thought writing was a tough job, and I only did writing as assignments instead of regarding it as an essential part of my life. I asked myself what is pronoun agreement, verb tense, and fragments? I was not able to answer my own questions. But, English 020 class had taught me the proper way of grammar. I became part of the class and learn to express the correct way in my writing.
The Playful Way to serious Writing on a character was one of the first essays we wrote. I chose this essay as one of the examples because I wanted to demonstrate that I had become a better writer and showed progress at the end. I struggled writing this paper because I didn’t know where to start and how to end the story. I was confused with all the complicated English grammars. In one short paragraph, I founded many grammar mistakes such as, pronoun agreements, verb tense, and fragments.
Over time I could see myself improved in writing and became more focused. The essay “The Closet Monster” was one of the examples I chose. As a writer, I learned and developed from a one paragraph essay into a five paragraph paper. In the beginning of the class, I struggled on writing a one paragraph essay. When my paper was passed back to me, I found many purple marks on my paper. But now I can see a major change in my recent papers. I learned that time is very important, and I took time revising each paper. I developed useful skills that I effectively applied to my writing.
I can never imagine myself writing a complete paper without major grammar mistakes. It was just a blink of second ago when I was writing with poor grammars. As a writer now, I learned to take time in writing. I also learned to look out for pronoun agreement, verb tense, and fragment because no matters how many times I revised the paper, I will always find mistakes. I had grown from a poor writer into a better writer, but I have a long way to become a good writer. I still need to continue working on English grammar and to practice writing a lot more. Today, I used the grammar I learned in class and apply in to my writing. Each of the various writing projects that I completed this semester was helpful in teaching me new skills and writing strategies. Next semester, I can look back on each of my assignments from the past and see that my writing has gradually improved from my first in-class assignment to the final writing. I will continue to use the skill I developed in this class to my future English class.