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Should spend as much money as for exploring outer space or basic human need?
Nowadays there are many things in our earth have been changing such as climate, disease and population. Therefore, in my view governments should spend more budgets for our basic need than exploring outer space. This money can help protective our environment, develop new medicines and solve our birth control problem.
Environmental protection is very important. Today, many waste products that come from human activities are highly contaminated to our environment. This situation effect to our environmental directly because it will increase environmental problems such as air, water and soil pollution. Moreover, it can also effect to our living life and our health, as well.
New medicines will provide a good health for us. There are many diseases and virus that can resistance our antibiotic or medicine such as foot-mount disease, bird-flu virus or AIDS. Until now, we still have been developing new medicines that can determinate these diseases completely.
For the birth control problem, this problem is becoming seriously in some countries such as Japan and Singapore. In Japan, trend of the people in middle and old ages are becoming increasingly meanwhile, the new born baby is becoming decreasingly. Imbalance of the people age will effect to their economy directly because in the next future those countries will have a few of working peoples that can lead to the slow down in the economic system.
From the reasons above, I strongly stand in my choice that, governments should spend more money for our basic need such as good environment, new medicines and good birth control more than exploring in outer space.