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Thread: illuminations

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    Hi, there!

    I'd like to ask someone who speaks British English.

    Do you use the word "illuminations" to refer to the beautiful lights you see in Christmas holidays?

    I happened to know that speakers of American English don't use this term for Christmas lights. So I consulted my dictionary and found out that it's a use of British English.

    But I'm not sure if it's true because dictionaries edited by non-English speakers are sometimes wrong.

    Is it okay to say, "Hey, look at thee illuminations! They're really beautiful!"?

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    Re: illuminations

    It's a bit pedantic and formal, and would most likely be used for big displays put up by town councils. Most people would just say "Look at that house with all its Christmas lights".

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    Re: illuminations

    If you go to Visit - Blackpool Illuminations you'll see a youtube video of what the English regard as "illuminations".
    As Anglika says, Illuminations are generally large scale, like those shown.
    Coloured festive lights which adorn our houses at this time of year are just "Christmas lights".

    buggles(not a teacher)
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