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Thread: a school letter

  1. wardblde

    a school letter

    dear teacher :
    i need your help, i have to write a letter to my son school, telling them that he's not coming to school next mon, tue and wed, for a specail religous celbration(eaid).
    could you be kind enough to help me out asap.

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    Re: a school letter

    Hi Wardblde,

    I am not a teacher. Here's my try. But I hope you can try to write it by yourself first next time and post it up for people's comments.

    Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. (Choose an appropriate title with the teacher's surname)

    I am the father/mother [choose one] of Peter Simpson's [replace with your son's full name], who studies in Class 1, the second grade (replace the right info.). I am writing for asking a three- day leave from Dec. (Fill in the date) to Dec.(Fill in the date) for my son because we have a special religious celebration -(eaid??) check your spelling.

    If you have any question, you can reach me via my phone no. 123456 (replace with your real phone number). Thanks!

    Yours sincerely,

    (Your Full Name)

    PS: Please clearly state which grade and class your son is in. The teacher might not exactly remember whom your son is.
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