How my class has influenced me?

When I were a child, I were very shy and passive so some of my teachers thought that I do not have any special ability in studying. Actually, I do like one subject at which I find myself is better than other subjects is mathematics, and it was this interest that stimulated my passion for learning mathematics as well as trying to have a seat in mathematic class of Le Hong Phong high school. Attending this class really turned my life to a new point and brought me great friends.

I used to think studying was a easy job to me when I were in elementary and secondary school. However, that view has totally changed since I moved to high school being a student of mathematic class. Beside trying to get used to a new environment, I used most of my time to study. I had keep to
encouraging myself to study hard because if I were just a little lazy, I would have fallen behind my classmates, who are not only good at mathematics and science subjects but also amazingly at art and literature. In fact, they are the best classmates I have ever had. They are so intelligent and hard-working that sometimes I felt very difficult to keep up with. Studying in this class put a big pressure on me. There were many times I intended to quit it and move to a normal one, which competitive environment is not high or even more comfortable with me. However, I stayed despite pressure and high requirements. The only reason for this decision is improving and training ability. The more efforts I made in this class, the more considerable I made progress toward my ability. In another way, the motive to improve capacity is what this class brought me not only in three-year high school but also after I graduated and go to university.

In additon, the class's activities made an impression on me. Even though we competed with each other in studying, we are always good friends. When I needed help from my classmates, they were ready to be with me. Three years studying together have built among us a stable friendship. There are only six girls in my class so the minority includingme always received much affection. In three years, every girl in my class was given presents and flowers on Woman day. I will never forget the male classmates gave us gifts. It is suprising, clumsy and lovely. Thanks to my classmates, I learned how to care for friends, how harmonize and above all how to be a good friend.

I have left my high school for seven months. I almost cried on Graduation Day. In the last day before leaving school, I and my classmates gathered in our class, mathematic traditional room. Together we sang, danced, looked at memories biseide warm light of candles until midnight. Now everything about my class has been beautiful memories. I'm very eager to see my classmates again on our Memory Day coming soon.