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    Re: Students' motivation

    “Firstly, temptations. Something else like video game, online game attract more boys than girls.Secondly, girls do anything more serious than boys in nature. Whether it it right or not, they will do it seriously. Thirdly, most of the girls` English level are better than boys. Woman¡¯s language is better than that of man¡¯s. As a result, boys can not understand what the teacher said in class, after a period, they will not have any motivation on this course.”

    “Because girls care about the mark about the lesson, they do not want to restudy the lesson again; girls want to learn more about the lesson, because it is more difficult to find a good job than boys; girls may have more time than boys while boys always wastes time on playing games; girls may do not want to feel shame while the teacher ask her some questions and her can’t answer”

    “Boys and girls are quite different in study. We have different ways of learning. However, the most important thing in my opinion is attitude. I’m a girl. I’d like to try my best to learn knowledges. Although I always make mistakes or miss key of problems, I still put my mind in it. Maybe some boys do not care about it. But I think they are just a part of boys, there are still many boys work hard just like girls.”

    “I think that boys always have more hobbies than girls, such like playing
    basketball, football, cs etc. Boys are doing their hobbies while girls are preparing for classes. Because we save these time, we can read books. Since girls have done prepare
    for the class, we have known about what will be discussed in the class, and we can be more participant in the lessons than boys.”

    “In my opinion, three points should be attentioned. The first one is that girls are basically conscientious than boys,and they care more about their marks and think more about anything, which is the obvious characteristics of sex. The second one is that the self-respect of girls are much stronger than boys. In addition,they are very shy.When being asked a question, if they can't answer or give the wrong answer, they will feel very sad and their faces turn red suddenly.In order not to be criticized by teacher and avoide making mistakes before all classmates, they will prepare before class and work harder and harder to get good marks to get respect from teachers,classmates and parents by this way. The last one is that boys prefer to playing compared with girls, they spend too much time on playing games and sports, which makes them have little time to prepare class even attend class any more.I think those are the reasons why the girls attend class more regularly than the boys;why the girls seem more motivated than the boys;why the girls come to class prepared while the boys do not;and why the girls participate in the calss more than the boys”

    “the main reason is that girls care much more about the results of their study. Hence, girls always spend more time and energy in preparing and doing their work. Furthermore, girls do better in class in order to be made a strong and good impression on their performance by teachers.”

    “Because the girls want to gain a higher score in any score by many ways, such as more attendance, higher motivation and so on. Because the girls want to catch the step the teacher and understand what teachers said. Many boys usually think they can deal with any problems that occur suddenly. That’s the difference.”

    “I think coz girls pay more attention to their lessons not only Global Marketing.Girls think it's so bad to absent,and they will pay much time on their homework,so they seem more motivated than the boys.”

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    Re: Students' motivation


    Dear H_____:

    I am cognoscente that it was not within your responsibilities to involve yourself with my situation yesterday at ______. Thank you for your expression of concern and support.

    I have anguished for many sleepless nights over my International Marketing class. I have consulted several Chinese Business teachers, H_____ and J______, my colleague A____, and yourself. It is a simple matter to fail a student, even five out of 63. It only takes the stroke of the pen.

    But what does an “F” grade really represent? I choose to consider that it means that I have failed as a teacher with respect to that student. It is my grade. I realize that this is not the conventional way of looking at it but I think this makes me a better teacher.

    I have used the Prentice Hall books for the past four years. They generally contain too much content for one semester and the content is usually difficult for the undergraduate Chinese students. This is primarily so because they are deficient in their English reading skills and have not been taught that the only way to improve those skills is to read more, until it becomes easier and even enjoyable.

    I have found that the best way to use the Prentice Hall books is to have the students read the text material on their own, at their own pace. Then they go on-line to the companion web site and take the multiple-choice test at the end of the Chapter. After the computer scores the test, the students can email me the results and then go back through the text to review the areas they missed on the test. The instant class did this successfully for the first few Chapters but then they figured out that one student could answer the test, obtain the correct answers, and then everyone simply went on line and gave 100% CORRECT ANSWERS. They did this even after numerous explanations that the test scores did not count toward their grade but were simply for their own edification. I asked them to stop sending me the test scores in order to impress this point upon them. As a result, they stopped utilizing the test as a learning tool.

    In class we discuss the cases at the end of each Chapter, applying the knowledge from the particular text. The students stopped reading the text and just read the cases at the end of the Chapter. If unlucky enough to be called upon in class, their answer was “my English is too poor to explain my answer. Can I answer in Chinese?”

    Yesterday I started the class with a surprise quiz by giving the students the multiple-choice test from the web site. With one exception, half of the students got one answer correct by accident while the other half missed every single answer. I inquired of the students and learned that only a single student had read the text or taken the test on line. That single student got every question correct.

    I informed the students that I would not waste my time trying to teach them when they were unprepared. I also reminded them of the statement in my written course syllabus:

    “Always come to class having prepared your homework assignments. If you cone to class unprepared you may be asked to leave the classroom and you will be marked absent.”

    Rather than remove all of the students but one from the room, I absented myself and warned them to take the opportunity to read the material. I also informed them that I was not afraid to fail every single one of them if they refused to do the work. I then left the room.

    The class monitor subsequently came to my office and we discussed the matter. I reminded him that just the day before he had brought the five failing boys to meet with me and they promised to turn over a new leaf and study. They promised to come to class prepared if just given another chance. Well they got their second chance and blew it, threw it away.

    I have exhausted the motivational possibilities, including telling them the story of my regretful former student whose funeral I attended in Wuhan last Saturday. I have now done everything possible to motivate this class, including scaring them by walking out on them and threatening to fail all of them.

    Rest assured that I counted the personal cost before embarking upon this course of action. In fact, I agonized over my decision for days. I gave the quiz to confirm the need for such drastic action. I made the decision that the potential benefit to my students far outweighed whatever adverse consequences arose for me. I am determined that my students will benefit from their time in my class and that they will not pass through our institution unaffected.

    You should know that the class monitor informs me that there have been some positive results already. He says the students realize that I was giving them “a wake up call.” These were his words.

    Maybe I have bought trouble for myself, but last night I was able to sleep for the first time in days.


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    Re: Students' motivation


    “I take my study seriously and I really want to study it well, but excuse my poor English ability, I often could not understand the whole text and the case very well and do not know how to express what I’m thinking. In spite of that, I would try my best and put more time in the studying and try to improve my English ability in the future. I sincerely consider you an excellent teacher and give us an experience in the western teach method
    which seems very special to us. Please forgive what mistakes we have made and hope to see you again in the later terms.”

    “I really understand what your wishes to us, really thank you. you said we may thank you after we graduate but i thank you now. The information you told us in class is much more important than what written in book.”

    “I just want to apologize to you ,and I promise you ,we will make some change.Thank you for advising us,that will help us to know the situation we have.”

    “ I'm apologized for the thing being happened on Wednesday. I admit the fact girls preparing for the class and motivating in class are much better than the boys. If I want choose a excuse, I just could to say that girls are much better adaptation the form of the class than the boys. The reasons resulted all this phenomenon is the attitude. Sometimes, boys always have no patience to read overall chapter. Therefore, we just choose the case that would be discussed in class every time to read. Even the chapter we had read, we still haven't absolutely master because of our impatience. I'm really sorry for these. Now what I can do is to make up for what I lost and neglected. Finally ,I want to express my opinion that I hope I still could learn more things from you, respectable ________, and your class besides the correct attitude while facing any thing and never cheating myself.”

    “First I am sorry for so late to send you this letter, for I haven’t receive your last assignment. but I want to write for you for a long time, but my lessons are so busy and I can’t have a direct mind to write to you, but now ,I decide to write to you to let you know what I think in my mind.

    I am really like you! This is not compliment! You are so stern teacher I have met in my college. you always assign us many important homework to help us to know about the book, in the same time, you teach me a lot I can’t learn form the book. your teacher style is free and compact, I know it is very helpful for us to studying. so I thanks a lot for your teaching!

    You always say we are your sons and daughters, and you will organize the films every week to improve our English, you are a good teacher! Every time I see the film, I will listen your laughing so happy, I think you are also very kind!

    But I am very sorry for the last time you angry for we haven’t complete your assignment, and I think you may be very angry for us! Now, I want to apologize for my lazy, for no excuse for don’t do the homework! I don’t want to say the reason, but I just as be a daughter to tell you something in my mind!

    In many parts, Chinese students are quite different from American students. I agree that in the ability of studying, may be we are worse. but this is not our fault! From I was only nine; I must do the homework everyday for a long time to enter a better school, and get a good mark. Whether a student is good is only depends on the marks! China has so many young men, but not everyone who want to enter the college can realize the dream. Half of the students can’t enter the college! for the reason of lower marks and expensive fees of college was so lucky to born in shanghai and have the chance to have good education, even from the abroad. but so many years education teach me how to write down what teachers say, but not how to think by myself and how to do the homework teacher haven’t assign ,we are lack of ability of study by ourselves! This concept let me feel difficult to sturdy in the college, especially meet you!

    I know what you have done are all for us, and wish we are good in the society! I am really thanks for your teaching! I don’t want you think I am a kid! I also don’t want you will disappoint for me! You teach me so lot! Trust me; I will bring up my ability of studying by myself! You will be my teacher forever! I will let you see my success in the future!”

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    Re: Students' motivation


    Survey: Shanghai men make lousy workers

    China Daily
    Updated: 2004-11-16

    Shanghai men are arrogant and do more talking on the job than actual work, unlike migrant men in the city who are hardworking and diligent, a recent survey suggests., one of the country's leading Web-based headhunters, surveyed 1,284 male office workers - including 496 Shanghai natives and 788 from other cities - about their career performance, job category and salaries.
    Nearly 39 percent of people surveyed said their male colleagues from Shanghai are arrogant, like to give indiscrete criticism and desire to manipulate others.
    Only 9 percent of respondents had similar criticisms about their migrant male colleagues.
    About 48 percent of them said that migrant male employees are harder workers and more duty-bounded than local men.
    Meanwhile, one-third of people asked said that local male employees often complain the minute they become frustrated with their work.
    Only 4 percent of respondents, however, said the same thing about migrant males who leave a general impression of being hard working and never complaining to others, the survey reported.
    Due to the negative impression, only 10 percent of respondents said that they are willing to partner with a Shanghai-native male colleague. But 46 percent of them would choose to cooperate with their migrant counterparts.
    "Native male workers are shrewd as a whole," said Wang Qiuhan, a local business manager. "Sometimes they are too shrewd to partner with or manage."
    Many of those surveyed said local men arrive at the office at 9am sharp and are among the earliest to head home. It is almost impossible to get them to work overtime voluntarily.
    However, many migrant male workers are still in the office long after regular hours, Wang said.
    Liu hao, CEO at, said that's because migrant workers face more pressure to get a good job in the city. But native men don't.
    The survey also indicated 25 percent of migrant males have a sales job in the city, making sales the first choice for them.
    The survey found that salaries don't differ much between local and migrant men. Most of them earn 40,000 yuan (US$4,819) to 60,000 yuan on average each year.
    But 73 percent of those surveyed said that migrant men employees perform much better than their local counterparts at work.

  1. vivi

    Re: Students' motivation

    I'd rather you didn't go into gender dissimilarities. There are diligent boys and lazy girls, for all I know.

    The thing is I might perform better (in what ways?) or include more video or listening practice (although the boy watches films and listens to music in English, therefore he's got plenty of opportunities to develop his ear) but I think all teachers face the motivation problem sooner or later. I wonder if somebody has solved it satisfactorily to share his/her experience.


    A request to the Moderators: Could you please deter people from thrashing the thread? I expressly asked for an answer to the specific problem, not the general difference between a male and female.
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    Re: Students' motivation

    I am neither turtle nor ostrich and will not ignore gender bias or differences because of your preference or request. I posted the results of a very recent survey which, if you will open your eyes, does address the issue head on.

    YOUR thread has not been thrashed. In fact it has been focused, at least as to university students in China.

    If you post here on a public forum, you take what you get. Actually, I gave you quite a bit of raw material which will soon form the basis for a major journal article. The fact that you wish to look the other way only impresses upon me your desire for an answer that you have preordained is acceptable.

    That is truly unfortunate.

  2. vivi

    Re: Students' motivation

    I have no objection to your posting survey results if it's relevant to the question in hand. I don't see any assocation between Chinese students (male or female) and my student who's stalled. I am a private tutor as I mentioned in my opening posting so I deal with boys/girls/men/women whose attitude and abilities vary greatly regardless of sex. If I had a mixed-gender class I'd appreciate your drawing a distinction between male and female students. As it is I only need a bit of advice how to fight stagnation in a student of mine.

    So far I have talked to him and it's become clear that his learning English was primarily his parents' ambition, not his, though he always found it pretty easy to master. In fact, memorizing new words and applying grammar rules have come easy to him, and he's had ample speaking practice travelling abroad. But when we start new material which requires he make some effort to understand the rules and apply them correctly (mixed conditionals, for instance) he 'stalls'. He has little or no difficulty at all comprehending spoken English, but the gap between his active and passive vocabulary is widening since he's unwilling to use new words and forgets them almost as quickly as he learns them.
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    Re: Students' motivation

    Clue #1 20 year old boys in China are like 14 - 15 year old boys elsewhere.

    Clue #2 15 year old boys have many interests far more motivating than study.

    Clue #3 15 year old boys are very sensative to peer pressure, family problems
    and hormone change.

    Clue #4 You are not going to find your specific answer here.

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