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Thread: at any rate

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    at any rate

    Hi teachers
    I wonder if 'at any rate' is equivalent to 'no matter what'?
    Does it have more significations?


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    Re: at any rate

    Depends on the sentence.

    At any rate, (after all the circumstances are considered) she will not attend the funeral so we have to make other arrangements.

    No matter what, (even after all the options are explored) she will not attend the funeral.

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    Re: at any rate

    There is a difference between 'no matter (what)" and 'no matter what':

    "No matter what the Government tries to call it, it still amounts to an increase in taxes."

    "We will be going, no matter what." (No matter what the difficulties or obstacles in the way, nothing will stop us going.)

    'at any rate': in spite of what may have gone before/may have happened up to now ((and the next clause gives the outcome))

    Imagine coming through some hair-raising close calls as in some ripping yarn of a movie; and the villains have been eluded; and the young prince who has been rescued is sleeping; but the villains are sure to be back on their trail in the morning, and they will be on the run again; and Indiana says to his side-kick: "At any rate, for the moment, he is safe. "

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