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    Class begin/begins!

    We're discussing how to begin a class as a teacher when the bell rings.

    My teacher used to say 'Class begins!' and the whole class stood up and said 'Good morning teacher/sir/miss' and the teacher would say 'Sit down please!' Thus the class had begun.

    Alex Rath says in his CLASSROOM ENGLISH 'All right! That was the bell. Let's get going.'

    How do you native English teachers begin your lessons? I'd like to know, especially, the very first few words. And maybe it's different between American and British and Australian classes? Thank you in advance.
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    Re: Class begin/begins!

    Even Pavlov's dogs........

    The students can hear and know what the bell means, so to actually say 'there's the bell' is not so much an insult to their the teacher's! It's a bit ridiculous.

    "OK. Let's start."

    If chattering etc:
    "OK. OK. Let's (all) settle down (slight pause)..........and get started."

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