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    I want to tell everyone at the orientation in Spain that I am Italian and I come from Italy

    Should I use the past tense or present tense. How about the verb live?

    Hi everyone!
    My name is Pierre
    I come/came from Italy
    I live/lived in Roma

    Since the action of coming happened in the past so it should be came?

    The situation is that I have lived in Spain for one year and I am not currently living in ROma should live be in the present or the past?

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    Re: come/came

    When you use the Present tense form of the verb, and say, "I come from Italy", you are referring to the country of your birth. That is a constant: past, NOW, and for the future!

    Usually, a person says, "I'm (=I am) from Italy and live in Rome."

    Using the Present tense 'live' implies that this is your home, and that you will be returning there. Your 'home' (the place you regard as home) is also a constant in your life. If you move to Genoa in the future, then if you then regard that as your 'permanent' home, you would again say, "I live in Genoa."
    If you see living in Genoa as temporary for whatever reason, you would say, "I'm living in Genoa." (the Present Continuous form of the verb.)
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