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Thread: Dean's welcome

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    Dean's welcome

    If you see any problems in the following sentences, can I have your comments?

    Seoul Arts College is an up-to-date hot issue in the field of art &culture. Our mission is to educate our students to become creative and talented artists. Our college pursues the magnificent culture. We are eager to educate our students who will serve a mind of beautiful, pleasant, moving, passion, and rest to the public through arts. We believe that Seoul Arts College is going to be into the 10th Art College in the world. This is a goal of members in our school. And also this is our promise to the students who are eager to enter Seoul Arts School with desire to achieve their dre

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    Re: Dean's welcome

    up-to-date hot issue- this sounds a bit overenthusiastic to me and rams two things together that don't really work for me and I'm not sure that a college can be an issue in the way you want it. Generally, if something's an issue, there's a problem. You could use 'topic' or 'subject', but I'm not very keen on it at all.
    college pursues the magnificent culture- To me, 'magnificent' doesn't only imply of a high standard but also suggests high culture (opera not pop, epic poetry, etc), though it's more used for architecture and paintings than the word culture. How about simply the best in culture?
    serve a mind- from the context, it seems to mean offer, but I don't get what the mind idea is trying to say.

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