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    Red face chips crisps french fries and burrito

    Hi, I couldn't find the meaning of the word burrito in my vocabulary...
    and I don't know the difference between chips crisps and fench fries.
    I think that the difference between chips and crisps depends on the form of the potatoes ( sticks or sort of "leaves"). I knew that french fries was the american for chips...but in the National Geographic I read an article which said people eat much junk food such as chips and french fries ( I thought they were the same thing!!!!but know I got some doubts..)
    And burrito, what kind of food is it? Have you ever eaten it? Is it delicious or not??
    Bye Rip.

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    Re: chips crisps french fries and burrito

    (Potato) Chips are thin salty wafers in AmE and long rectangular things in BrE.
    Crisps are thin salty wafers in BrE and nothing in AmE.

    French fries are long rectangular things in AmE and probably also understood as such in BrE.

    Burritos are a popular Mexican food-- basically smashed boiled beans wrapped in a soft tortilla, but there may be other things inside, like beef, chicken or pork.

    I like 'em all.

  3. Natalie27

    Re: chips crisps french fries and burrito

    Here in Canada we have both potatoe chips and potatoe crisps . The main difference being that crisps are baked and chips are fried. Since the idea of consuming too many calories has become so important to many, the baked goods are more appealing than the deep fried ones. Anything baked sells very well nowadays.
    I don't know about south of the border, but we don't call "Pringle" potatoe chips "chips" any more. They are called crisps to make you think you are eating less fat. I think the crispy quality is the same in both baked and fried chips. Both yummy!!!


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