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  1. zeppy

    let alone know / wore on

    what's " let alone know" , " wore on' here in this passage ? thanks !

    Amy had heard all about Rich. He had grown up on the same block as her boyfriend, Tad, and the two of them were like brothers. When Rich finally came to Boston on a business trip, the three of them went out to dinner. But as the evening wore on, something felt wrong. Tad was being a little too chummy with her.

    Sometimes it can be hard enough to believe that your boyfriend’s friend is hitting on you, let alone know how to respond. Yes, you do have several options, from playing dumb and ignoring his overtures to remembering that you never said you wanted an exclusive relationship after all. (More on that last option later).

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    Re: let alone know / wore on

    'Let alone know' means it's 'even harder to know (how to respond than to believe that. . .)

    'Wore on' means 'continued, got later' in this passage.


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