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    sadden, seriously,without

    Dear teachers,

    I have three questions to ask:

    (Context: The amateur administrators who run international sporting events often complain that spoetsmanship is a thing of the past, and they put the blame on the growth of professionalism)
    They claim that when the modern Olympic Games began athletes felt that it was sufficent reward for them to compete. They are _________ that some athletes today regard runnning as work and expect to be paid for what they do.
    a. horrified b. saddened
    The key is 'a'. No problem. My question is why 'b' isn't correct?

    The love of amateurism and the belief that what is important is how you ___1____ on the field, whether you win or lose, comes from a time when the only people who played games ______2______ did not need to earn their living.
    1. a. behave b. perform
    2. seriously b. skillfully
    The key to 1 is 'a'. Could you please explain if 'b' is possible?
    The key to 2 is 'a'. Could you please explain if 'b' is possible?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you in advance.


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    Re: sadden, seriously,without


    a. horrified, greatly distressed
    b. saddened, to make or become sad

    1a. behave, refers to attitude, not skill.
    1b. perform, skill

    2a. seriously
    2b. skillfully, refers to professionals, not amateurs.


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