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    Is everything correct?

    To assess whether we live under a democracy, there is an essential condition that serves as a criteria to our judgment and that we must consider: transparency. Without it, the majority do not effectively take part in the crucial process of decision-making. Indeed, in order to be effectively a democracy, the system must insure the ability to take an enlightened decision to each and every one in their best interest within a political system that is just so that a plurality of parties can co-exist and without the interference of corporate interests. I argue that we don't live under a democratic system. In a democratic system, political influence does not amount to corporate power; yet, it does in our system: take our media for instance, as a result of lobby and market incentives, many news are censored and it seeks to attract more audiences rather than inform or educate the public; there needs to be a division between the market and the media. Also, our ability to vote candidates in and out of the White House translates into little power; in fact, between the two major US parties, there is only a slight nuance in policy. Moreover, the Congress has literally no influence over the Pentagon, which is setting military bases all over the world not for the sole fun of it. There is no democracy in America, if not, little.

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    Re: Is everything correct?

    The US is not a democracy; it is a Republic.

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    Re: Is everything correct?

    But can you check for any mistakes?

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