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    Angry sentence analysis

    Well i will write a sentence and the analysis of that sentence so please give me some opinions about that analysis because i find it hard to understand.(it was one of the tasks at my final exam,and almost everybody failed)

    Since I have been trying to convince you that there is a language instinct but would certainly forgive you (if you would rather believe Darwin than believe me), I would also like to convince you that you need not make that choice.
    note-conditional sentence doesn`t required analysis

    Sentence-ASAVDO( or C or just O)
    A-finite clause(reason)-Clause1CoordinatorClause2
    Clause1-Subordinator or Conjuction SVDO
    S-personal pronoun-I
    V-Aux.+Aux.+main V-have been trying
    DO-to-infinitive clause-zero SVIODO
    V-to convince
    DO-that clause-Sub.SVSC
    S-explective pronoun-there
    V-copula be-is
    V-aux.+mainV-would forgive
    A-conditional if-clause (analysis not necessery)

    V-Aux.+mainV-would like
    DO-to-infinitive clause-zeroSVIODO
    V-to convince
    aux.-need not

    I have this exam in few weeks and i dont have a material to practice from:( please help

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    Re: sentence analysis

    I am not a teacher, but hope this helps:

    I / have been trying / to convince / you

    that / there is / instinct

    . . but . .

    I / would forgive / you

    if/ you would believe / Darwin
    (rather) than . . . (you) / believe / me

    I / would like / to convince/ you

    that / you need / (to)make / choice.

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