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    few crumbs of comfort / repaired to jail

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether I am on right track by interpretation of the expressions in bold in the following brief excerpt from the Charles Dickens’ “Burnaby Rudge”?

    With these crumbs, or as one may say, with these whole loaves of comfort to regale upon, Mr Dennis took his place among the escort that awaited him, and repaired to jail with a manly indifference.

    I know the meaning of “few crumbs of comfort” = “cold / Dutch comfort” but what are you meaning about “these whole loaves of comfort”?

    I think that “repaired to” in the present case is interchangeable with “convoyed / repatriated”.

    Thank you for your efforts.


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    Re: few crumbs of comfort / repaired to jail

    crumbs of comfort = words that provide comfort
    whole loaves of comfort = guess
    repaired to jail = went to jail

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