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    Question conversation

    Hi there all - please help.

    I am a new proofreader, and am struggling with a bit of writing I'm readng for a test.

    Basically this writer does not seem to ever put punctuation at the end of her quotes. For example,

    'You're never going to believe this'
    'Try me'
    'It's a long story'
    'I don't care if it takes all night'

    And she doesnt say "said Sarah" or "Sophie pleaded" or anything similar, and I'm stumped - it doesn't seem normal to me, but does anyone know any rules surrounding this, as I don't want to correct it if she is quite grammatically correct...

    Do you think it's a personal choice as long as she's consistent, which she is...?

    Or is it a definite "no, no"!

    Oh please help,

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    Re: conversation

    What genre is the writing?

    I think that some writers can be pretty flexible if they want to be.

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