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    Smile Please Proofread This small document

    Evaluation Plan
    Blue and Orange Engineers will use many different data- driven processes to prove the projects
    validity and successfulness. For instance, surveys will be sent to the drivers to check if they felt
    any difference in the functionality of the cars or trucks. These surveys will serve as a source for
    qualitative analysis. Also, since we will be converting only 10 cars and 10 trucks the remaining
    will be used as a control group. This method will be of great help because we can monitor
    expenditures from both groups. Financial statements will be compared.


    These surveys will be distributed to the cars and trucks drivers every three month to monitor if
    they have experienced any difference in performance between driving vehicles that run on
    compressed natural gas to those that run on gasoline, ethanol, and diesel fuels. This qualitative
    data will be useful to determine their satisfaction.

    Financial Statements
    Once the project has run for a full year both financial statements will be compared to see if there
    was a difference in expenses. Considering that gasoline and natural gas prices are always
    fluctuating these statements will reassure savings to the University that can be used for
    something else.

    Aside from the intangible question of savings and benefits to the environment, a very close
    inspection of the proposed plan will show that it will work if the recommended change is done.
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    Thumbs up Re: Please Proofread This small document

    Hi my dear I'm a proofreader, not a teacher, but I hope this is useful to you:

    'data - driven', not 'data- driven' 'projects' should be 'project's'. 'Cars and trucks drivers' should be 'car and truck drivers', it should be 'every three months', there should be a comma after 'year' in the 3rd paragraph, and another after 'fluctuating'.

    I also would say, that 'reassure the savings to the University', does not seem to make sense to me, but I could be wrong.


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    Re: Please Proofread This small document


    Thanks a lot for your help. What I was trying to say with that is that by comparing the financial statements from both group the university could clearly see that there will be savings from the experimental group.

    How can I rewrite it so it will make sense?

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